Instrument panels, glove box/knee bolsters, instrument clusters, interior trim, HVAC housings, intake manifolds, carbon canisters, electronic modules, bottles, resonators, exterior lighting.


Condiment dispensers, blister packages, juice pouches, juice/milk cartons and spouts, pantyhose packages, plastic coated paper cups, toothpaste tubes.


Steam irons, pump housing, vacuum cleaner sub-assemblies, dishwasher spray arms, refrigerator components.

Electronic & Electrical

Inkjet and toner cartridges, media storage devices, battery packs, connectors, sensors, cell phones, audio/video cassettes, floppy/micro disks

Stationary & Gift Items

Quilted and laminated fabrics, non woven materials, bedspreads, mattress pads, diapers, air and liquid filters, hook and loop materials.

Medical & Others

Cardiometry reservoirs, blood & gas filters, IV spikes, face masks, implantable devices, insulin pumps, drug delivery systems, surgical gowns.