Since 2002 AXESS was a marketing company involved in sales and service of plastic welding products like ultrasonic plastic welding, spot welding, tube sealing machines etc.

AXESS is a team of technically experienced, aggressive, enthusiastic and ambitious peoples, who focused on success and became a well known company in Industrial segment and succeed to achieved gradual growth every financial year and have techno commercial tie-up with world well known company BENSONIC™ PI Shan Automatic Company Limited, TAIWAN.

Ultrasonic tools (Horn & Fixture) made by AXESS are of spl. aluminum alloy 7075T-651 (the only company in north & east India who use this material which is the best material for ultrasonic tooling) with the finest technology at the very affordable and competitive price.

AXESS has developed same quality machines in India with brand name AXESS with the help of BENSONIC& being experienced in ultrasonic technology from a long time span of about 20 years. All components for Indian make machine sources from the similar supplier from Taiwan and Germany, Some Key components still supplied by BENSONIC.

AXESS developed and manufactured ultrasonic plastic welding machine in India duly study and quality testing almost one and half year.

AXESS has aim to supply the top quality machinery up to the level of raising expectation of industry. For us customer’s opinion and favorable comments will be most welcome all the time.

AXESS is already authorized agent of BENSONIC for marketing their products in India since 2002