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Ultrasonic Hand Gun Vibration Plastic Welding Machine
Bensonics’ BVW-10 / BVW-10H Vibration Plastic Welding Machines are designed to weld large or irregularly shape thermoplastic parts. The model BVW 10 / BVW-10H will handle parts up to 1200mm long by 570mm wide, the large or multiple smaller parts. The BVW-10 / BVW-10H has a solid- state 10HP power supply with centered at 240Hz , Modular construction allows the individual components . i.e., vibrator assembly and power supply controller, to be adapted to automated or custom systems.
Model : BVW-10/BVW-10H
Increase Size of front opening weld components
HMI operation condition convenience
The more power /weight of actuator range
Weld depth control
Suitable for any brand's
Technical Specification of BA SeriesMechanical Specification of Vibration Plastic Welding Machine
Model Lift Table Drive Platen Central opening Vibrator Position
BVW-10/BVW-10H 1219 long x 375 wide (mm) 958 long X 375 wide (mm) 668 long 250 wide x 175 deep (mm) 958 long x 375 wide (mm)
Weight Power of vibrator Variable Stroke Dimension (Overall)  
Approx. 3400kg. 7.4 (10 HP) 508 max (mm) Noise level : <85dBA(average) 2438 wide x 1930 high x 1092 deep (mm)  
Technical Specification of BA SeriesTechnicals Specification of Vibration Plastic Welding Machine
Model Frequecy & Output Controller Power BVW-10
BVW-10 200Hz~250 Hz MITSUBISHI FX2N PLC 480V AC,25 A,15KVA, 3-PHASE, 50 /60 HZ 18~41 kg / BVW-10H . 25~54 kg
Power of vibrator Lift table speed Amplitude range Maximum clamp force Dry cycle time
7.4 (10HP) Max.250mm/Sec.;Min. 188mm/Sec 0~1.8mm 22.2 KN (5000 IB ) 5 Sec.,at 508mm Max. stroke,20
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